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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

School day and a new family member!

Hey guys!

So, lately we`ve been quite busy, at work and at home.
I told when Rebecca went to school for the first time, but a couple weeks ago she had a Literary and Artistic Event, and we went there to see the Army`s Band and her "works". I don't need to tell you that we were silly in front of those scribbles Pieces of Art!

She made a Rooster from the print of her hand!
And today she had a Party, cause tomorrow here in Brazil is Children's Day! So She had to go to school dressed in a costume and take a snack that she and her friends would share. She enjoys school, but I can't name one day that she stayed there without crying! But I know she likes it, cause later she has fun and get along with her friends (now she is here playing with her little sink she got from us and singing a song that she invented that she says her little friend's name: Fernandaaa! Fernandaaa!). We just get so happy to see she can sing entire songs and count until ten!

So here's a picture of her dressed as a doll!

We also had Sarah's presentation at church!
Sarah is now four months old and absolutely beautiful! She laughs and makes the sweet little baby sounds, and she adores her sister!

People say she looks like me, I don't know... LOL

I'm so happy. We have a beautiful family and friends, we are going through some hard times, but Jesus is our strength, so we have no worries.

And now, to rap this up, this is the new family member

Can you guess his name?
Yes, we have no creativity, but actually Rebecca chose the name so decided to stick to it. So this is Marley!
He looooves Rebecca and Sarah, he just can't stand to see Sarah crying he wants to comfort her, so funny!

Welcome to family, Marley!

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