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Monday, May 30, 2011

Reasons why I love my husband...

So there are some things I've learned from my Mother-in-law, who is a woman that I admire a lot and she's so connected to the Holy Spirit, it awes me!

And one of them, she taught me but I've learned also by experience, she told me I should not speak bad of my husband, no matter what. And that's a way of  praise the authority he's in my life.

 "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."

So here are some reasons why I love him so much...

1) He took me to Christ and for that I'm always thankful.
2) He's the most beautiful man I know. Inside and outside.
3) My husband is the best father in the world! He takes care of his daughters just the way God planned him to.
4) He's always thinking about a way of making our lives better, worrying about me and the girls all the time.
5) He's very generous to everybody and he can't stand watching people in need without doing anything.
6) He's crazy about his daughters.
7) He always trys to please me (even thou he's a little lazy).
8) My husband, Thomas, is very funny, even if only I laugh at his jokes sometimes.
9) He supports all my crazy ideas, and I come up with a new every 4 or 5 days.
10) He's a wonderful husband!
11) He wakes up in the middle of the night to pray for me or the girls, when is necessary.
12) He always does what I want, maybe after complaining a little, but I usually get my way.
13) He chose ME! Can u believe this?
14) He's a wonderful handy man! He can can fixes almost anything, and if he doesn't he won't give up after trying a lot, and he'll be very frustated!
15) He thinks a lot about our future and he has everything planned.
16) He loves being a father! And I love that he's the father of my children.

I love you, Thomas.

(The idea of posting this was copied from I am Mommy blog!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Play Room

So we have this room in our house, a small one, actually our house it is not big, but we used to have the TV, couch, desk computer, book... well there we used to stay most of the time, watching TV and playing with Rebecca, so I decided to transform in a Real Play Room for Rebecca, so check this out

So, this is the room after I moved the couch and started with the EVA play mat, you can see that Rebecca is there, she thought she was helping me...

After finishing with the mat, moved another couch in and started bringing Rebecca`s toys

After all done, Rebecca, Puppie and Barbara playing in the new Play Room, Rebecca just loved the place!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost there...

So, in the last few days I`ve been terribly busy, resting, as the doctor ordered.

And it may sound awesome, but it isn`t cause I can`t be alone, in case I start losing blood again, or my water brokes or my contractions become stronger... Yes, just so you know I lost blood, a good quantity, and I`m having contractions! But we need to wait until next week for Sarah to be born, cause she`ll be more ready then. I wish she could be born 3 days ago when I got the first symptoms.

But that`s ok. I did everything I needed to do when I realized she was coming! I changed the crib to my room, I set up Sarah`s bag (and Rebecca`s, cause she needs to stay with the grammas during the day), I finished Sarah`s frame to take to the hospital and cleaned the house so Thomas and Rebecca could just have fun....
But I didn`t go to the hospital... Actually I did, but they sent me home. Now, here I`m, alone (but with the phone on hand, just in case), while Thomas` working and Rebecca`s at her Granny`s (cause I can`t do any kind of effort), trying to hold Sarah until Monday, at least, cause that`s when my Doctor`s back to town!

Just imagine trying to sleep and waking up every 20 to 15 minutes feeling terrible cramps. Yes, that`s my life in the last days!
Back thank God, He`s taking care of me and my babies, and He knows everything so I trust in Him.

Rebecca had a lot of fun in Sarah`s crib!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

So Tuesday evening I went to work to teach my lovely Kids and after I left the classroom, look what I found on my table....

From my beautiful husband... Just cause...

And do you remember my To-do-list? So, I did almost nothing of that, I just played with Rebecca and ate a lot.

That's why, yesterday morning, when I woke up I thought: "Oh why didn't I do it?". Yes, because I woke up with some labor symptoms, we rushed to the hospital, but it was a false alarm. I just have to rest now and wait, cause the best days for her to be born is from next week on.

So please, pray for me and mine. So that I have a good labor and Rebecca and Thomas can be OK without me for a couple of days!
And pray for Sarah, I hope she's ok and I can't wait to meet her!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drive Thru Experience

All Right,  Saturday afternoon, we clock off from work and decide to go to some stores and see what we can get to Rebecca, a little treat, after walking a lot we found a store and they had the most expensive and stupid toys ever... and guess what? Yes, those are the ones the babies like most, so we bought her a little purple horse with long blond hair and some other stuff, she was happy. After shopping we wanted something to eat and "occasionally" a McDonald´s appeared right in front of us (they build it on strategic points, so you HAVE to stop...) so we got in line there were like 5 cars in front of us, and we were deciding what to get, Rebecca was running out of patient on the back seat... We ordered and were going to pay when I saw this new promotion "your order in 30secs or a free Big Mac". I was all excited because I have been in that line for more than 15 minutes the other day, so I was like "extra BigMac, awesome"... Rebecca was now screaming, I could not think about anything but the free BigMac, phone starts to ring, trying to reach my pocket to get the money to pay for the food, so Barbara answers the phone, Rebecca now is released from her baby chair, Barbara talking on the phone, I was getting what we ordered, guess what NO free BigMac, they made it on 20secs! now I have my hands full, Rebecca trying to climb the seat, Barbara on the phone and cars behind me, Rebecca saw the fries and kept asking "batata, batata, batata, batata... " I pulled over, Barbara opens the door, Rebecca tries to scape, lots of bags blocking Barbara's way to get out of the car and "capture" Rebecca... WOW! Now after calm Rebecca down, she ate Barbara's ice cream, she ate her hamburger and fries and drank all her coke... now you try to imagine the scene. You may ask: Are you guys ready for another baby?  YES we are sooo ready!

Today I will...

Today we already had an incident involving a Soap (I told you, Rebecca has a thing for soaps!), a hand covered with soap and an eye. Yes, it involved crying, almost ripping the eye off and a unsual calm mom rocking her side to side so she would calm down. And sleep.
So now I will NOT make any noise so that she sleeps a lot.


Monday, May 23, 2011


I honestly think I'm obessed with my kids. In a good way thou...

That's why I wanted to share this with you. It's a post I put on Facebook before I have a blog, and it expressed so beautifully how I feel about my girls that I wanted to revisit it!
Today I had such a nice day with my baby!
Who's so beatiful,
who adores her mommy and daddy endlessly,
who answers "AMO" when asked if she loves us (and mommy asks her 200 times a day, just cause it's so good to hear she loves me!),
who looks at you and suddenly blow you a kiss,
who sleeps touching my ear,
who keeps saying "mom, mom, mom" when I'm arguing with her...
Omg, I love her so, and I can't wait to have another one like her at home!

Let me add,
who suddenly comes and kisses my big belly, knowing she's sharing some love with her little sister,
who is now so smart that gives me a kiss when I'm about to get mad at her,
who loves to bite soaps and then run away when I try to get it from her,
who wakes up and the first thing she does is to call her daddy,
who seems to know when we're down and becomes funnier,
who loves dogs and screams with joy when she sees them,

And Sarah...
who feels when her Big Sister is around and starts kicking,
who is now bigger than her Sister was when she was born (Sarah's already 50cm!)
who is so calm that makes mommy worried some times,
who is constantly poked by Rebecca
who is so much loved already by everybody!

Love you my babies!

A day in my life...

So today is being an adventure already!
I had a terrible night, it was too cold and I was cold during the night but my legs were aching... So I got up, feeling pretty bad, but who can be bad having a toddler around?
I was trying to clean up and put everything in order so that when hubbie comes home he actually thinks I did some cleaning.
Then I was spying on Rebecca while she went and took her bottle. Then she laid down on my bed to drank some juice.

And when she saw the camera, she pretended to be asleep. Such an actress!

It`s been days that I`m trying to take a good picture of her, but it seems impossible. Do you know that toddlers retain nothing? Yes, then u have to repeat it like, 4 times, it becomes a mom's thing so when u get older you think to yourself: Why does my mother keeps repeating everything? Such a pain! ... now you know why. You didn't listen or obey when u were a toddler! Anywhooos...
She's so funny!
After this I realized why it's important to always ahve a camera on hand. I was straighting up the room when I saw a pair of little chubby legs desappear under the bed. I ran I got the camera (cause I wanted to share with you that scene, just the way it was!) but then she was already under the bed, where we keep a small matress, and, guess what? She was under the bed lying on the matress! I don't know how she fit there, but she did! That's when technology made a fool of me, and I couldn't turn the camera on, and Rebecca realized she was stuck, and started to cry. Thank God I got a picture (lol).
I know I'm a terrible mom for taking pictures and not saving her first. But that way, where's the fun?
I had to lift the bed (heavy) having my heavy 9 months belly on my way and screamed : "get out baby, get out! Mommy can't hold this for too long!"
Yes, it was hilarious!
Then she was sleepy and I tryed to get her to sleep.
Without success.
Now here I'm. Blogging about this, when I was supposed to wash the dishes before hubbie comes home and cook lunch. But... I'm pregnant, it's my prerrogative not to do anything and just laugh at Rebecca.

(Oh and wait up, I'll still show u a picture of my not-very-beautiful-but-delicious-cake, and I'll tell all about the McD's Drive thru incident... I can't imagine how life will be with 2 babies here...)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can you believe we`re not fat?

Nope. Me neither.

So I made a Chicken Fricassè. It was delicious.

And now I'm baking a Chocolate and coconut cake. I know, my kids will be fat. And so will we!

But I like cooking and baking! I wish I had more time, and money, and the right resources!

If you have any suggestions and recipes, please SHARE!

I'm considering a Cheese Cake the next time. Oh, I heard about a Triple-Decker Chocolate, Coffee and Toffee Cheesecake that I'm crazy to make, but I just have to replace the things I can't find here in Brazil.

Keep reading us and I'll share my Cooking Adventures with ya'll!


Friday, May 20, 2011

A mission trip to Canela - RS - Brazil

Here are some pictures of our last mission trip in Canela, I am posting these pictures because in few days I am leaving to another one but this time Barbara and Rebecca will not come, Sarah's due date is almost the same as the trip (June 10th).

So here we go:
#1 Thomas and Rebecca
#2 Barbara, Rebecca and Thomas
#3 Rebecca
#4 Thomas, Brittany, Mr. Chet, Rebecca, Barbara and Chelsie
#5 Rebecca and uncle JAcob
#6 Mr. Joey and Rebecca




So, I`m the mommy...

Hi, we were already intruced, but you actually will know me better through this blog.
I actually thought all day long about what should I tell you guys, and I wanted to be interesting and funny, but I came up with nothing!

Sooo, I`ll tell you about my day today!

Today I did not clean the house.
I did not cook at all.
I did not wash any dishes.
I did not dust any furniture.

But, today I....

did get my nails done!
did iron some T-shirts.
did sit on the floor and played a little bit with Rebecca.
I did some of this...

That 30 minutes later became this.....

And probably tomorrow I'll show how it turned out!
So, today I did want to cook something (that maybe be a pregnancy thing!), so I'm cooking some Chicken Fricassè (I'll show u tomorrow!);
I did wanted to bake a cake, with coconut, (that may be a pregnancy thing too), but it turned out we weren't in the mood to go the supermarket.

Today I still...
Have to do and vake the Fricassè;
Have to bath Rebecca;
Have to wash the dishes;
Have to put her in bed after a lo-ot of fighting...

And still is 6:30pm.

I can't imagine my life after Sarah's born.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


What does this Dinosaur has besides being purple and green, that voice and those friends... well all I can tell is that Rebecca is crazy about Barney and his Friends. She can spend hours in front of TV watching the show, what makes me and my wife a hostage of hers because she keeps us in the room and we can sing lots of songs from Barney, what is funny!

So, this is her, Rebecca

As our first post I would like to introduce ourselves. Starting with our first baby, Rebecca, then Sarah, Barbara (mommy) and Thomas (dad). Nothing better than a picture to show our faces, but unfortunatly I do not have any saved in this computer... soon  I will post one or two pictures of our family.