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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drive Thru Experience

All Right,  Saturday afternoon, we clock off from work and decide to go to some stores and see what we can get to Rebecca, a little treat, after walking a lot we found a store and they had the most expensive and stupid toys ever... and guess what? Yes, those are the ones the babies like most, so we bought her a little purple horse with long blond hair and some other stuff, she was happy. After shopping we wanted something to eat and "occasionally" a McDonald´s appeared right in front of us (they build it on strategic points, so you HAVE to stop...) so we got in line there were like 5 cars in front of us, and we were deciding what to get, Rebecca was running out of patient on the back seat... We ordered and were going to pay when I saw this new promotion "your order in 30secs or a free Big Mac". I was all excited because I have been in that line for more than 15 minutes the other day, so I was like "extra BigMac, awesome"... Rebecca was now screaming, I could not think about anything but the free BigMac, phone starts to ring, trying to reach my pocket to get the money to pay for the food, so Barbara answers the phone, Rebecca now is released from her baby chair, Barbara talking on the phone, I was getting what we ordered, guess what NO free BigMac, they made it on 20secs! now I have my hands full, Rebecca trying to climb the seat, Barbara on the phone and cars behind me, Rebecca saw the fries and kept asking "batata, batata, batata, batata... " I pulled over, Barbara opens the door, Rebecca tries to scape, lots of bags blocking Barbara's way to get out of the car and "capture" Rebecca... WOW! Now after calm Rebecca down, she ate Barbara's ice cream, she ate her hamburger and fries and drank all her coke... now you try to imagine the scene. You may ask: Are you guys ready for another baby?  YES we are sooo ready!


  1. Thomas, honey
    that was accuratte! It happened just like you described and it is really funny reading about it now! Lol

  2. haha so funny, I wish I saw that...

  3. I bet Rebbeca gave you a dribble Bar! auehuahe
    anyway, your blog is really awesome sis! :)