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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cookies! Yay....

I just absolutely love chocolate chip cookies. Too bad I'm not sharing that recipe here today, but I'm sharing a Cookie Recipe here.... SUGAR COOKIES! Yes, the ones Americans leave for Santa on Christmas eve.... They are absolutely delicious and I've never tasted before, because here in Brazil there are no such thing as these cookies, but I found the best Baking Site and she has the best cookies and they are art! Truly! I adapted the recipe to what we have here in Brazil so it's awesome and easy, and this recipe is for a looot of cookies.
Now in the winter it's a great snack with a cup of hot chocolate! hmmmm

Sugar Cookie Recipe 
(in portuguese cause if you want in English you can find it at I Am Baker)

1 xícara de manteiga sem sal
2 xícaras de açúcar
2 ovos inteiros
2 gemas de ovos
4 colheres de sopa de extrato de baunilha
4 copos de farinha de trigo
1 colher de chá de sal
1 colher de chá de fermento

In a mixer, beat butter and sugar until well combined. Add 2 eggs and 2 eggs yolks and mix until combined. Add vanilla extract and mix.
In a separate bowl, sift together flour, salt and baking powder (it's important to sift them together because it's easier to mix it all together later), Slowly add flour to butter mixture. It's hard to mix, so you can use the mixer, mine can't handle the task without burning up, so I mix it myself.
Amanda, from I am baker, says if you over-mix this dough it'll get tough so just mix it until it's combined.
Let the dough rest, wrapped up, in the fridge for at least one hour.
Then you can roll out the dough and cut. If you have a Cookie Cutter it's much much easier and more fun! I don't have it (poor me) so I use a glass, or sometimes Rebecca's toys that have a nice shape. Yes, I wash them before using on the dough! It's a soft dough, don't worry, it's a lil hard to work with it at first but you get there, you can always add more flour if the dough it's too sticky. After you bake them for 10 minutes ONLY. the cookies will be really light, you don't have to wait until it's brown, otherwise they won't be tasty. The cookies come out of the oven a little soft still, but after the cool out they get hard and ready to eat!

I really wanna make some more and I'll do a tutorial of how it's done and how you can decorate them. It's really gorgeous!
And I'll put the frosting recipe (adapted too) here!


Monday, June 20, 2011

To sum up....

Hi guys!
So the last day Thomas was away was hard! I got sick! Really sick, fever, headache, sore body, cold, cold cold. My mom said it was because I`m irresponsible and don`t take care of myself now that I`m recovering from Sarah`s birth. Anywho, I drank a lot of hot tea, a lot of pain killers and rested, and I got better. Right after Thomas arrived I started to get better, so probably I just missed him a lot!

We got so many gifts from the Americans (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), and he had so many things to tell me so we slept at 4 or 5am... so during the weekend we were pretty tired, but the good thing is I`m in a good mood again, so happy! Last night we built a tent in the play room to play with Rebecca and eat some american candies!
This shirt is a gift Sarah got!

Rebecca loved the chocolates!

Rebecca`s tent!

And today, Monday, we had a very nice day! We took the children to McDonald`s, we played a lot with Rebecca, Sarah got better from her colic, I baked a cake (So good and this one is beautiful!).

But then we got some bad news. I can`t really tell u what it is, but let me ask you all, remember about our relatives during your prayers, if you have some time, please pray for them. Thomas had to travel in a rush tonight to try to solve some of this problem, so please pray for his trip and for the person he`s going to help.

God knows.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Days 5 and 6

Just so u know, I don't really remember what we did!

But yesterday I cleaned. And cleaned...

And today Thomas' coming home!

We had  a lot of fun these days and I worked hard!
But I realized almost every post since Sarah was born I mentioned how hard it is to have two babies at home....
So today I'm gonna tell you how fun and excited it is!

I just love to wake up in the morning and see those two little faces, sleeping like angels...
I love how Rebecca can say almost anything now.
I love how Sarah's been wanting to sleep with me rocking her, she needs me!
I love when Rebecca ask me to play with her.
I also love how Rebecca is a little jealous and tries to pull Sarah's hair, but right after I tell her not to do it she kisses her little sister.
I love knowing I won't ever be alone, alone... I will always have my daughters to count on.
I love how much they need me.
I love when Rebecca says she loves me and her little sister.
I love I now have an excuse to the mess in my house. I just didn't have time to clean today!
I love bathing them. One is so big and I can bite her belly, and the other one is so small I'm afraid to drop her. But both of them love bathing.

Of course there are much more, but I have no time (Lol).


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days 3 and 4

Yeah... hmmmm... here I am trying to remember what we did yesterday! Really, I`m so stressed and tired lately I feel like I can`t remember the hour before. But let me try...

We had a nice day, I went to school and to the bank and the supermarket with my mother-in-law and Rebecca stayed at my mom`s. She just loves to stay there. She played a lot, but a mistake was done! She took a nap at 7pm! I asked my father to pick Rebecca up for me at my mom and he did it and brought her back home. He and his wife and kid stayed a while we had a nice time. Just so you know, meanwhile Sarah was pretty much sleeping. All day.
They left and guess what??? Yes, Rebecca slept. At 1am. Being a mom is not easy!!!

Day 4

Rebecca woke up at 11am (by Rebecca I mean, Rebecca, Sarah and mommy), althou Sarah woke up several time during the night and morning cause she was hungry and she had colics, and to change her diapers... We had lunch and stayed home.
I danced with Sarah and Rebecca.
I played with Rebecca, sitting on the floor and holding Sarah at the same time.
I laughed a lot today.
We ate a lot.
She took shower, then Sarah took a shower then mommy took a shower while Sarah was crying and Rebecca was making a mess in the entire room, and I screamed at her to stop tossing all the clothes on the floor.
We watched Tv.
We played outside.
Grandpa Beto came here in the evening with his wife Lucia and they brought gifts for Sarah and Rebecca.
After they left I cleaned up a little bit.
Oh and I didn`t let Rebecca sleep today. At all. I wanted her to sleep early, so she had dinner and slept at 9ish. Great!
I order a whole pizza for me, because i didn`t feel like cooking at 10pm and I had no bread to make a sandwich, so I ate half of it. And now I`m writing here!

I realized that I really don`t know what day is today...
I most of the times, don`t know what time it is...
I brush my teeth when I can, but I try to do it more than once everyday.
I take showers everyday, but they are fast.
I don`t clean. At all.
Please don`t judge me. It`s really hard with 2 babies, and now Sarah wants to stay in the living room or where me and Rebecca are, cause she needs to hear we are around. And she reaaaaally likes to stay on my lap.
I`m soooo looking forward to daddy coming home! I just miss him.

Hey Daddy, check it out how much I`ve grown!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rebecca speaking

I just LOOOVE hearing her say: AMARELO!

Day 2

So I don't have the time to do a post as big as Day 1, but Day 2 was nice.
My mom and brothers came over to have lunch with me and the gals, and they spent the whole day here. So Rebecca had a lot of fun with her uncles outside.
My brother was able to throw our boomerang and stuck it on a tree.
I made lunch.
My mom helped me with the kiddos.
It was great.

But then they left.

And Rebecca took a nap at 6:30pm to 7:30pm... She woke up and didn't want me to feed Sarah. She wanted to stay on my lap. She went to sleep at 1:00am. I'm so tired!

To make things worse, I called Thomas in the middle of the mess and we couldn't talk, and he's been really busy he doesn't answer my texts. And I understand. But it's making me needy! Lol (Did I tell u that on Day 1 was our Anniversary? And he was away! And on Day 2 was Valentines? And he was away.... so sad!)

But, on the other hand I had large doses of this...

Sarah, holding her blanket.
(Oh, and I forgot to tell... Sarah is a little colicky = mommy's not sleeping!)

And this...

My babies are beautiful. I think I'll enroll them in some kind of pageant!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home Alone - Day 1

Hey guys!
I`ve been very busy, cause as you may all know, I now have 2 babies at home! This is great and also very hard!

Just to make things better Thomas travelled yesterday, to meet a group of amazing people that came from USA to do missionary work here in Brazil. They come every year and this year I couldn`t go with Thomas because of the girls. He`s gonna be away for a whole week! A whole week alone with the kids, I still feel some pain from the labor and it`s hard now that Rebecca is jealous.

Well, so you can believe me I`ll let u know how my day was today.

Day 1
11:30pm - Thomas left while the girls were asleep.
5:50am - Rebecca woke up crying and wanting to go to the TV room to watch TV, which means I had to go and stay there with her, and it was freezing cold!
7:00am - She wanted to play in her play room, I convinced her to go to bed again and read a story book there. She slept again right after we laid down.
7:20am - Sarah woke up and I had to nurse her.
8:00am - I slept a little bit.
8:50am - Rebecca woke up, I changed her diaper, soon Sarah woke up, I chaged her diaper too. Then I had to feed her again (Sarah), just after she was fed she pooped. I changed her diaper again!
9:30am - Rebecca hah pooped all over her diaper and her pants, so I put her on the bath and then I went to take a shower with her while Sarah was waking up, I took shower and Sarah was hungry again! She was already crying when I left the bathroom, so I rushed and left Rebecca in the shower for almost 20 min while I was feeding Sarah (that's the reason why our electricty bill is so expensive!)
11:30am - The morning passed in a blur, consisting of me feeding Rebecca some iogurt and some crackers, just when she was calm Sarah was crying, and believe me this is something very weird cause she's very calm and she almost never cries! At 11:30am I pourred some yesterday's coffee in a cup, warmed up in the microwave, added some milk and made me a 3-days-ago bread with cheese in the grill. I sat down to have my poor breakfast and Rebecca came asking for bread, with fingers all covered with dirt from outside, I left my breakfast (already cold) sitting on the counter to wash her hands, and gave her a piece of my only bread, she ate some and wanted the whole bread. I gave. She destroyed the bread, took out the cheese, tossed on the floor and asked coffee, I let her have some, then I picked up the bread and the cheese from the floor and the pieces and ... guess what?? Yes I ate! I was starving!
12:30pm - Meanwhile I just swept the bedrooms' floor, then I gave Rebecca some lunch, Sarah who was in the stroller started to cry, cause she was hungry too. So Rebecca had lunch with her little sister crying all the time.
1:30pm - My mother-in-law came to take me to the supermarket cause (poor girl) I was having 3-days-old bread, so I HAD to go to the supermarket! And I wasn't ready... so she looked  after Rebecca for me.
3:00pm - I was back from the supermarket covered in a milk-shake I got for Rebecca, and I put everything on the kitchen adn Sarah on her crib, cause she was sleeping, Rebecca laid down on the couch to watch the same episode of Barney for the 7th time today.
3:50pm - Rebecca was asleep, so I thought it would be better to bath Sarah while she was sleeping, because she always wants to kick Sarah when I'm bathing and clothing her. I bathed the little baby and when I was putting her clothes on Rebecca woke up crying her eyes out, while Sarah was starving. So while I was nursing Sarah Rebecca kept asking me to take her on my lap too, and crying. At first I was calm, then I started crying too, cause I was feeling so bad my baby girl wanted me and I couldn't take her in my arms. So I cried with her and I prayed, and I calmed down...
4:30pm - Me and Rebecca played a looot, and she watched TV laying on my lap. Then she was calm I decided to finish cleaning the house, so while I wasn't paying attention Rebecca put her hands and arms on the bucket with cooold water, and she lost balance and hit her lip on the bucket and cut it. I've never seen my babies bleed so I was a little scared, but it wasn't a big deal.
5:30pm - Rebecca and I put the garbage out, and there was a beautiful sunset, so went to get the camera, but when I came back it was already over.
7:40pm - My mom and her cousin came over to see the girls and bring Sarah a present and Rebecca won some candies. I was giving Rebecca dinner, when I realized I hadn't ate since the lousy breakfast! So I ate an apple. =/
8:00pm - I had to nurse Sarah.
9:00pm - They left, Rebecca laid down on the couch with her bottle to watch Barney and I took Sarah, who may be having some colics, and I was rocking Sarah a bit. Rebecca slept and so did Sarah. I put Sarah on the crib and left Rebecca on the couch while I write this, until she is really asleep and I can take her to bed.
10:22pm - Now, I'm missing my husband like crazy and he just texted me, but I need to talk to him, cause he's the one who doesn't let me go nuts! anyway, I'll take Rebecca to bed and now, I'll eat.

I'm not sure if I'm able to survive this week alone without going crazy, but I'll make sure you'll know everything.

Miss u, Tom. Specially when Rebecca wakes up in the middle of the night.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Who is that baby sleeping on my bed?

My life is hectic lately, but I like it!
So Sarah was born, June 1st, at 3:49am in the middle of the night, in a very, very cold winter night! I didn't do a C-section, as planned (and as I wanted) but God is always one step ahead of us, and it was perfect. Well, I might be exaggerating a little bit, cause nobody would say she had a perfect labor (it hurts!). But at least it was quick, quick after a 6 days having contractions. And now I'm safe and sound taking care of my two babies.

I have o lot of these lately!

My heart was broken on the first two days I was home, because I wanted to do the same as I did when Sarah wasn't here yet, play with Rebecca and take her in my arms, but I couldn't so I cryed. A lot. And I realized Rebecca was fine, and she still loves me endlessly and Sarah doesn't understand anything yet, so now we are trying to make Rebecca comfortable with the arrival of this new baby. She's a little jealous but we can handle it. She already loves her little sister, she stops at her bedroom door calling: Sarah! Sarah! when Sarah's asleep in the crib. She wants Sarah to sit with her on the  floor and on her chairs to play, she wants to kiss Sarah every ten  minutes... And she gets desperate if Sarah cries! So cute!
And we are enjoying!  Every minute of it!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

I really did not know that...

Last few days I have learned a lot. Things that I really did not know, I will list some of them

1- I did not know that I could be a father, house keeper and worker at the same time
2- I did not know that put Rebecca to sleep is not an impossible mission
3- I did not know that take care of a baby can make you really tired
4- I did not know that I can change pooped diapers
5- I did not know that wake up with my daughter staring me was a scary thing - in a good way
6- I did not know that feed Rebecca takes time and you have to be patient

For those and lots of things my wife does every day, I want to thank her and say that I love her a lot! I cant wait to have herand Sarah home. (yes they are still at the hospital)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah - Edited with pictures

So after 38 weeks of waiting Sarah is finally with us, well she already was, but in Barbara's belly, now we can hold her and see her little pretty face. She is blonde, according to her mother, blue eyes (actually I could not see, I was told) she is 48cm and 2.870kg... big. I will probably post some pictures of her here later on after asking her mom authorization. Well, come back later to see the pictures!

Ok, here we go:

The first picture - 2 or 3 minutes after she was born.

Getting ready for hr first bath

After the bath, getting dressed.

Well, when they get home I will sure post more about her!
See you guys!