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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I really did not know that...

Last few days I have learned a lot. Things that I really did not know, I will list some of them

1- I did not know that I could be a father, house keeper and worker at the same time
2- I did not know that put Rebecca to sleep is not an impossible mission
3- I did not know that take care of a baby can make you really tired
4- I did not know that I can change pooped diapers
5- I did not know that wake up with my daughter staring me was a scary thing - in a good way
6- I did not know that feed Rebecca takes time and you have to be patient

For those and lots of things my wife does every day, I want to thank her and say that I love her a lot! I cant wait to have herand Sarah home. (yes they are still at the hospital)

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