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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home Alone - Day 1

Hey guys!
I`ve been very busy, cause as you may all know, I now have 2 babies at home! This is great and also very hard!

Just to make things better Thomas travelled yesterday, to meet a group of amazing people that came from USA to do missionary work here in Brazil. They come every year and this year I couldn`t go with Thomas because of the girls. He`s gonna be away for a whole week! A whole week alone with the kids, I still feel some pain from the labor and it`s hard now that Rebecca is jealous.

Well, so you can believe me I`ll let u know how my day was today.

Day 1
11:30pm - Thomas left while the girls were asleep.
5:50am - Rebecca woke up crying and wanting to go to the TV room to watch TV, which means I had to go and stay there with her, and it was freezing cold!
7:00am - She wanted to play in her play room, I convinced her to go to bed again and read a story book there. She slept again right after we laid down.
7:20am - Sarah woke up and I had to nurse her.
8:00am - I slept a little bit.
8:50am - Rebecca woke up, I changed her diaper, soon Sarah woke up, I chaged her diaper too. Then I had to feed her again (Sarah), just after she was fed she pooped. I changed her diaper again!
9:30am - Rebecca hah pooped all over her diaper and her pants, so I put her on the bath and then I went to take a shower with her while Sarah was waking up, I took shower and Sarah was hungry again! She was already crying when I left the bathroom, so I rushed and left Rebecca in the shower for almost 20 min while I was feeding Sarah (that's the reason why our electricty bill is so expensive!)
11:30am - The morning passed in a blur, consisting of me feeding Rebecca some iogurt and some crackers, just when she was calm Sarah was crying, and believe me this is something very weird cause she's very calm and she almost never cries! At 11:30am I pourred some yesterday's coffee in a cup, warmed up in the microwave, added some milk and made me a 3-days-ago bread with cheese in the grill. I sat down to have my poor breakfast and Rebecca came asking for bread, with fingers all covered with dirt from outside, I left my breakfast (already cold) sitting on the counter to wash her hands, and gave her a piece of my only bread, she ate some and wanted the whole bread. I gave. She destroyed the bread, took out the cheese, tossed on the floor and asked coffee, I let her have some, then I picked up the bread and the cheese from the floor and the pieces and ... guess what?? Yes I ate! I was starving!
12:30pm - Meanwhile I just swept the bedrooms' floor, then I gave Rebecca some lunch, Sarah who was in the stroller started to cry, cause she was hungry too. So Rebecca had lunch with her little sister crying all the time.
1:30pm - My mother-in-law came to take me to the supermarket cause (poor girl) I was having 3-days-old bread, so I HAD to go to the supermarket! And I wasn't ready... so she looked  after Rebecca for me.
3:00pm - I was back from the supermarket covered in a milk-shake I got for Rebecca, and I put everything on the kitchen adn Sarah on her crib, cause she was sleeping, Rebecca laid down on the couch to watch the same episode of Barney for the 7th time today.
3:50pm - Rebecca was asleep, so I thought it would be better to bath Sarah while she was sleeping, because she always wants to kick Sarah when I'm bathing and clothing her. I bathed the little baby and when I was putting her clothes on Rebecca woke up crying her eyes out, while Sarah was starving. So while I was nursing Sarah Rebecca kept asking me to take her on my lap too, and crying. At first I was calm, then I started crying too, cause I was feeling so bad my baby girl wanted me and I couldn't take her in my arms. So I cried with her and I prayed, and I calmed down...
4:30pm - Me and Rebecca played a looot, and she watched TV laying on my lap. Then she was calm I decided to finish cleaning the house, so while I wasn't paying attention Rebecca put her hands and arms on the bucket with cooold water, and she lost balance and hit her lip on the bucket and cut it. I've never seen my babies bleed so I was a little scared, but it wasn't a big deal.
5:30pm - Rebecca and I put the garbage out, and there was a beautiful sunset, so went to get the camera, but when I came back it was already over.
7:40pm - My mom and her cousin came over to see the girls and bring Sarah a present and Rebecca won some candies. I was giving Rebecca dinner, when I realized I hadn't ate since the lousy breakfast! So I ate an apple. =/
8:00pm - I had to nurse Sarah.
9:00pm - They left, Rebecca laid down on the couch with her bottle to watch Barney and I took Sarah, who may be having some colics, and I was rocking Sarah a bit. Rebecca slept and so did Sarah. I put Sarah on the crib and left Rebecca on the couch while I write this, until she is really asleep and I can take her to bed.
10:22pm - Now, I'm missing my husband like crazy and he just texted me, but I need to talk to him, cause he's the one who doesn't let me go nuts! anyway, I'll take Rebecca to bed and now, I'll eat.

I'm not sure if I'm able to survive this week alone without going crazy, but I'll make sure you'll know everything.

Miss u, Tom. Specially when Rebecca wakes up in the middle of the night.


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  1. what a rough day my friend! But it will get better, us women are multitaskers if nothing else! Love you girls :)