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Friday, June 17, 2011

Days 5 and 6

Just so u know, I don't really remember what we did!

But yesterday I cleaned. And cleaned...

And today Thomas' coming home!

We had  a lot of fun these days and I worked hard!
But I realized almost every post since Sarah was born I mentioned how hard it is to have two babies at home....
So today I'm gonna tell you how fun and excited it is!

I just love to wake up in the morning and see those two little faces, sleeping like angels...
I love how Rebecca can say almost anything now.
I love how Sarah's been wanting to sleep with me rocking her, she needs me!
I love when Rebecca ask me to play with her.
I also love how Rebecca is a little jealous and tries to pull Sarah's hair, but right after I tell her not to do it she kisses her little sister.
I love knowing I won't ever be alone, alone... I will always have my daughters to count on.
I love how much they need me.
I love when Rebecca says she loves me and her little sister.
I love I now have an excuse to the mess in my house. I just didn't have time to clean today!
I love bathing them. One is so big and I can bite her belly, and the other one is so small I'm afraid to drop her. But both of them love bathing.

Of course there are much more, but I have no time (Lol).


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