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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days 3 and 4

Yeah... hmmmm... here I am trying to remember what we did yesterday! Really, I`m so stressed and tired lately I feel like I can`t remember the hour before. But let me try...

We had a nice day, I went to school and to the bank and the supermarket with my mother-in-law and Rebecca stayed at my mom`s. She just loves to stay there. She played a lot, but a mistake was done! She took a nap at 7pm! I asked my father to pick Rebecca up for me at my mom and he did it and brought her back home. He and his wife and kid stayed a while we had a nice time. Just so you know, meanwhile Sarah was pretty much sleeping. All day.
They left and guess what??? Yes, Rebecca slept. At 1am. Being a mom is not easy!!!

Day 4

Rebecca woke up at 11am (by Rebecca I mean, Rebecca, Sarah and mommy), althou Sarah woke up several time during the night and morning cause she was hungry and she had colics, and to change her diapers... We had lunch and stayed home.
I danced with Sarah and Rebecca.
I played with Rebecca, sitting on the floor and holding Sarah at the same time.
I laughed a lot today.
We ate a lot.
She took shower, then Sarah took a shower then mommy took a shower while Sarah was crying and Rebecca was making a mess in the entire room, and I screamed at her to stop tossing all the clothes on the floor.
We watched Tv.
We played outside.
Grandpa Beto came here in the evening with his wife Lucia and they brought gifts for Sarah and Rebecca.
After they left I cleaned up a little bit.
Oh and I didn`t let Rebecca sleep today. At all. I wanted her to sleep early, so she had dinner and slept at 9ish. Great!
I order a whole pizza for me, because i didn`t feel like cooking at 10pm and I had no bread to make a sandwich, so I ate half of it. And now I`m writing here!

I realized that I really don`t know what day is today...
I most of the times, don`t know what time it is...
I brush my teeth when I can, but I try to do it more than once everyday.
I take showers everyday, but they are fast.
I don`t clean. At all.
Please don`t judge me. It`s really hard with 2 babies, and now Sarah wants to stay in the living room or where me and Rebecca are, cause she needs to hear we are around. And she reaaaaally likes to stay on my lap.
I`m soooo looking forward to daddy coming home! I just miss him.

Hey Daddy, check it out how much I`ve grown!

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