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Friday, May 20, 2011

So, I`m the mommy...

Hi, we were already intruced, but you actually will know me better through this blog.
I actually thought all day long about what should I tell you guys, and I wanted to be interesting and funny, but I came up with nothing!

Sooo, I`ll tell you about my day today!

Today I did not clean the house.
I did not cook at all.
I did not wash any dishes.
I did not dust any furniture.

But, today I....

did get my nails done!
did iron some T-shirts.
did sit on the floor and played a little bit with Rebecca.
I did some of this...

That 30 minutes later became this.....

And probably tomorrow I'll show how it turned out!
So, today I did want to cook something (that maybe be a pregnancy thing!), so I'm cooking some Chicken Fricassè (I'll show u tomorrow!);
I did wanted to bake a cake, with coconut, (that may be a pregnancy thing too), but it turned out we weren't in the mood to go the supermarket.

Today I still...
Have to do and vake the Fricassè;
Have to bath Rebecca;
Have to wash the dishes;
Have to put her in bed after a lo-ot of fighting...

And still is 6:30pm.

I can't imagine my life after Sarah's born.

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