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Monday, May 23, 2011

A day in my life...

So today is being an adventure already!
I had a terrible night, it was too cold and I was cold during the night but my legs were aching... So I got up, feeling pretty bad, but who can be bad having a toddler around?
I was trying to clean up and put everything in order so that when hubbie comes home he actually thinks I did some cleaning.
Then I was spying on Rebecca while she went and took her bottle. Then she laid down on my bed to drank some juice.

And when she saw the camera, she pretended to be asleep. Such an actress!

It`s been days that I`m trying to take a good picture of her, but it seems impossible. Do you know that toddlers retain nothing? Yes, then u have to repeat it like, 4 times, it becomes a mom's thing so when u get older you think to yourself: Why does my mother keeps repeating everything? Such a pain! ... now you know why. You didn't listen or obey when u were a toddler! Anywhooos...
She's so funny!
After this I realized why it's important to always ahve a camera on hand. I was straighting up the room when I saw a pair of little chubby legs desappear under the bed. I ran I got the camera (cause I wanted to share with you that scene, just the way it was!) but then she was already under the bed, where we keep a small matress, and, guess what? She was under the bed lying on the matress! I don't know how she fit there, but she did! That's when technology made a fool of me, and I couldn't turn the camera on, and Rebecca realized she was stuck, and started to cry. Thank God I got a picture (lol).
I know I'm a terrible mom for taking pictures and not saving her first. But that way, where's the fun?
I had to lift the bed (heavy) having my heavy 9 months belly on my way and screamed : "get out baby, get out! Mommy can't hold this for too long!"
Yes, it was hilarious!
Then she was sleepy and I tryed to get her to sleep.
Without success.
Now here I'm. Blogging about this, when I was supposed to wash the dishes before hubbie comes home and cook lunch. But... I'm pregnant, it's my prerrogative not to do anything and just laugh at Rebecca.

(Oh and wait up, I'll still show u a picture of my not-very-beautiful-but-delicious-cake, and I'll tell all about the McD's Drive thru incident... I can't imagine how life will be with 2 babies here...)


  1. hahahaha, poor rebecca. and you sister took a picture instead of saving her -.-
    but it was funny hahaha