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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have some news!

Rebecca is going to school on August 1st!

I`m very excited and so is she! She`s very active and she`s not wasting all of her energy at home, so she doesn`t sleep at night, she goes to bed at 1am or later every day, and because she can`t be low all the family has to stay awake with her, and I noticed we`re very rude to each other when we`re lacking sleep. So it`s been bad to everybody (including our neighbors who very subtly and politely told me they can hear Rebecca at 1am).

I am not kidding a couple weeks ago she slept at 6am!

So yesterday we began a quest for the perfect school. Rebecca was in love with all of them, I think it was because of the playground and coincidentally yesterday was circus day so the schools were decorated. She cried a lot when she had to leave.

We decided for a nice school where my friend`s gorgeous daughter who is the same age as Rebecca goes to. Rebecca will have Art classes, Christian study, Tale time, Music... among others. Mommy is so excited and Daddy is in agony, he doesn't want her to go, and all he thinks is that after this step the next one is her marriage.

Oh and mommy is at gym now, to lose all my weight, but you don't wanna know about me...

Bye mommy... I'm going to school!


  1. I just love this pic of her!! she looks older but OH so adorable!!!! Btw which school?? She´s gonna love it =) xoxox miss you gals!

  2. Hey Jenny! she's going to Bom Pastor! She absolutely loved there... and my friend said the teacher will take the kids from her class from the diapers! I'm thrilled! lol

  3. Nice! I heard good things about that school! And if they are going to potty train her, really thats just icing on the cake :) btw I saw Rebecca today at Tozetto with her granpa :))) sooo freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!